PF Carrion Crown

Order in the Court

... or as the Chief Judge likes to think "Hammer Time!"

The crowd had been gathering since the morning break. Lots were already passed out for the gallery. The setting could be called tense as the first day of proceedings was about to begin. The court guards seemed on edge and it showed in their short address to the adventurers. “You again? Very well, Barrister Gustav is waiting in the defense chamber.” The rather dapper quartet made it quietly to the court room.

Gustav was found dripping buckets of sweat. He did have a smile, what one would call a smile with his toothy grin. He was impressed with the evidence found at the morass. It would make for an entertaining trial although he still felt the brunt of a cruel joke. “I have the questions we discussed and each of you know w-w-who is presenting which piece of evidence?”
The group is kept in the defense chamber until called to the stand then dismissed. The rustling and bustling of the courtroom proves too much for Aebel to sit still. He creeps to the door and opens it for a peek several times. During their wait the adventures discuss what they might do to gain access to the Chymic works.

Aebel sees a trio of “uncomfortable” guards lead the Beast into the courtroom. Jeers and sneers issue from the gallery. The Chief Justice then proceeds, commanding a hushed room. The rather impressive Herald then bangs a large cymbal, dressed in ceremonial garb hiding true armor and weaponry. The judge explains the rules of the court as well as the charges against the Beast. After several outbursts from the gallery and a rather lengthy introduction, the opening arguments began.

The prosecution lays out the death of 10 people at the morass by the Beast’s hands, playing to the gallery to excite several responses in the affirmative. Gustav meanwhile was a carriage wreck with his delivery of stutters and awkward pauses. Soon the prosecution solicited three witnesses over the course of an hour who could all point to the Beast as being the culprit they set a trap for and allegedly killed. Lazne, the village elder, then confirmed their accounts. Now it was the defense’s turn.

Choose who presents which piece of evidence, make a bluff, intimidate, or diplomacy role for your expertise and a diplomacy role for your evidence. Make the scene short but concise and enjoy the story. Report both rolls at the end.


Aebel’s Bluff & Intimidate are decent (both at +7), but don’t ask him to help with Diplomacy. If each of us can only offer one piece of evidence, we should decide which piece is most important, and give it to Aramond. If one of us can do all the talking, it should be Aramond, since his Diplomacy is the highest in the party.

Order in the Court

Aramond would be happy to speak for the party. We should point out the fact primarily that the “Beast” doesn’t have the croc bite marks on his neck. That one piece of evidence brings in question the rest of the testimony of the elder. The rest to show he isn’t the one terrorizing the area as there was dug up bodies, face mask, dark vision potion, and the labels pointing to the alchemy shop.
If we can get a stay or recess or whatever, I would like for the party to go to the alchemy shop to question them more thoroughly and come back for the day.

Order in the Court

Oh, I did Rolls too. The first 12 + 9 diplomacy = 21. Second is (adding a hero point 8) + 20 (starting to like that dice roller) + 9 = 37 diplomacy total. Add a +1 to each roll if the listener could be physically attracted to him. (The female judge who asked us to help must be sitting in moist panties)

Aramond will look as exemplary as he can. Unarmored, professional, but still wears his holy trappings to try to show a cut ahead of the rest of the population. If he is allowed to stand, he does so straight, with his hands disarmingly clasped behind his back. He cuts a debonare swath.

Order in the Court

Let Aramond do all the talking – that’s Aebel’s plan. Aebel, instead, will do the watching – paying attention to the reactions of the judges, prosecutor, and the audience. And he’s going to be able to provide awesome insight with the 12 Perception and 3 Sense Motive he rolled.

Order in the Court

Johann agrees that under the circumstances, Aramond would probably be the best option for the Diplomacy, but if Intimidation is needed, Johann can step in. Dressed unarmored, but neatly groomed in his priestly attire, hat resting on the table over his messenger bag.

Performing a similar check to Aebel’s, peering through the crowd with Perception Roll: 14+ 9=23, and Sense Motive Roll: 19+8=27.

Order in the Court

As the Defense Team rolls into the courtroom, Rip makes a sudden sharp turn and walks determinedly to the back of the crowd to speak softly with one of the audience just before the trial.

Order in the Court

The adventurers have the following arguments to make.

-Six graves in Morast’s boneyard have been robbed.
-The Beast can see in the dark, so it does not require an extract of darkvision.
-Although the Beast was clearly seen to be bitten by a blood caiman, it has no scars from such an attack.
-Displaying the removed face of the poacher Nan Klebem.

Sorry I was not so clear before. I would like participation from more than just Aaramond (have that person present the missing bite marks or the darkvision fact). There is no stay of the trial, recess is at 2pm. The evidence pointing to the alchymist is not substantial at the moment. You will have Hergstag to investigate and Vorkstag and Grine before the dawn breaks tomorrow (Hergstag is the next crime).

Please repost and apply your rolls appropiately (piece of evidence, diplomacy and/or intimidation, tell the story) before Friday. Let me know if you have questions about this.

Order in the Court

Aebel will present the piece about the beast not needing to see in the dark, and about the lack of wounds – “…everyone knows that a golem does not heal! Such massive bites would be clearly evident!” he states with great certitude.

And…I rolled a 20, which means with his Intimidation (he’s laying it down with a very firm tone), he’s got a 27 when his turn comes up.

Order in the Court

Johann will backup Aebel’s presentation with knowledge in the area of Arcana and Heal to reinforce that it is true that a Golem of Flesh, that which is the Beast, would bear much more from an encounter with a blood caiman.
Johann will speak to the six graves in Morast’s Boneyard, or backup someone if they’d like to run with it: He explains that customary practice of the Boneyard is to inter the bones into the grave, and they are to stay. So, foul indeed was the grave robber. However, there was no evidence, no tracks, nothing pointing to the presence of the Beast on the island. Curiously though, the body of a dead Dwarf was found, apparently rendered dead by a Manticore. While the Dwarf was most likely a poacher, the evidence of the body sheds even more doubt on an island that had no evidence of the Beast.
Regarding the Dead Skin Mask, again, unless someone else would like to run with it or backup Johann: Turning to the Village Elder, “Does this face look familiar to you? Yes, this is one Nan Klebem, does it look like this might fit on the Beast? No, it wouldn’t.”
All of this is provided as either being backup, or front and center, take your pick. Rolls also included below. In the end, this is what Johann will add at the end of all of the evidence: “So, as far as the grave robbing goes, there is no evidence of the Beast committing these heinous acts, we have a dead-skin mask that obviously would not fit the beast, the body of a dead Dwarf, and no scarring from bites of a Blood Caiman on the Beast. While I…” looks at the defense team and holds his hand out presenting them “We, cannot deny the painful emotions you all are experiencing, I believe the evidence speaks the truth that we do not have the perpetrator of the crimes.”

Meta: Knowledge Arcana: 14+6=20, Heal 13+6=19, and Diplomacy: 11+6=17
Knowledge Religion: 20+6=26, Diplomacy: 17+6=23
Dead Skin Mask: Heal: 17+6=23, Diplomacy: 12+6=18

Order in the Court

Here is an account of the first day (sue me if I missed something):

Aebel addresses the court first for the defense. There is a calmness and tension among the crowd as he is directed before the stand. Gustav stutters in his open questioning but returns to the topic at hand. “This vial of dark vision you retrieved from the Morast, please tell the court why the Beast would be doing with ssshu…such a thing.” Aebel responds in kind, “As an adventure, it is common for us to see this carrot smelling liquid carried by those with poor night vision. As countless stories about the Beast have been told, was there ever a doubt the creature could not see in the dark?” The gallery breaks into chaos as sneers and raw vegetables began to plummet onto the witness. “Order will be had!” strikes the chief judge, commanding the attention of everyone in the room. “Continue with your cross examination, council.” Upon the prosecution side, Aebel was left tongue tied. At each query, he got in a few words before another question was in front of him. “And could the potion have been the remains of some poor traveler who crossed the Beast?” “Well… no.” Aebel felt this had gone on long enough, “NO! Anybody can see the Beast has no need for coin, not that anyone would barter openly with him.” This solicited a chuckle from the gallery. “He would have no need for it…” “And so he simply threw it away.” The prosecutor inserted. “No more questions.”

Intimidate: 27 (believable witness; +5 diplomacy)
Diplomacy: 8 + 5 (believable witness) +5 (evidence) = 18

Walking back to the room, Aebel shed what cabbage leafs were still on his clothing. “Well I took care of the vegetables, cannot think they have more.” He motions for Johann to be called. “I should have warned you of the salad bar.” Johann smirks. (this was the two of your perception checks)

The crowd was more indignant during Johann’s presentation of the six graves, copious amounts of greenery was thrown in return. Still, stoic and unshaken by the galleries uproars, Johann delivered. “Clearly you have no respect for the dead otherwise you would understand burial rights of Pharasma,” he shot back to the prosecutor. Feeling further discussion was moot; the lawyer gave up the rest of his cross examination.

Knowledge Religion: 20+6=26
Diplomacy: 17+6=23

Aaramond stepped up next in the hardest to explain oddity found at the Morast, the dead skin mask. He thought about presenting the way Johann had described but saw what doubt the prosecution put into the dark vision. Instead he would attack the modus operandi of the Beast as this being not its pattern, putting doubt into there being some other force at work. “I have seen many horrors but none that would require keeping a trader’s face in this condition for over a year.” He calmly and succinctly stunned the audience. Several of the ladies in the front row swooned.

Diplomacy: 21 and 37 +0 (abhorrent evidence)

The last evidence was a collaboration of Johann and Aebel in explanation of the unexplainable, the lack of caiman marks on the Beast. After establishing the healing patterns of a construct in rather typical Lipidian instruction, Aebel finally made good with his reluctant testimony. “A blood caiman of the size needed to latch onto the Beast, as described, would be so large as to leave deep scars in his shoulder. “ “What scars.” Gustav said in play. “Indeed what scars.” There were audible gasps among the booing as the defense finished for the day.

Knowledge Arcana: 14+6=20
Heal: 13+6=19
Diplomacy: 11+6=17 +5 (believable witness) +10 (evidence) =33

Order in the Court

Aebel whispers to Rip after he sits down: “…this trial seems more like theater to me, proceeding according to script…”

Order in the Court

Did Aramond do well with swaying the judges, or did the abhorrent evidence not take anything into consideration? I didn’t see an evidence total.

Order in the Court

Aramond articulated his position very well. You did not need the evidence to aid you, although it was gruesome when you modeled it for the court. Wacca wacca!

Order in the Court

So the court adjourns for recess at about two suns past mid day (2pm). I would like to know what the party has decided to do with their free time until morning evidence call at the court tomorrow (10am). Hergstag needs investigating as well as the Chymic works. There are witnesses you need to see in town also and a talk with Gustav and the Beast for any insight into the next crime which occurred at Hergstag. Please let me know what the group wishes to do and I will summarize in the next post.

Order in the Court

“That alchemy shop is a strange place: barricaded windows, dog-golems, and a proprietor that chases off supposed customers. I say we start there,” flatly states Aebel once they’re out of earshot of others.

Order in the Court

Too much evidence points to the chemist shop, I agree with Aebel. However, since we have the beast readily available, we may want to talk to him now.

Order in the Court

“I agree, we should start with the chemyst shop. Excuse me a moment… or three.” Johann turns and walks back into the gallery to speak with someone.

Order in the Court

Aebel looks for a sidewalk cart selling munchies. Litigation makes him hungry, and the stupid trial went right through lunch.

Order in the Court

“I’d love to get into that alchemist’s shop. I’m all for it. Let’s grab something to eat on the way.”

DM Question: Is Celeste still in the court room?

Order in the Court

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