PF Carrion Crown

In the hereafter

...Torvald is faced with a decision

As seen from the bird’s eye view, on the entry plateau to the hereafter…
Torvald awoke with a start, and very quickly realized that he was dead. The sting of the spider’s bite and tingle of its venom lingered for just a bit, and for a long moment the elf just lay there, accepting his situation.

Standing up to dust himself off, he saw others in the distance, wandering this way and that, looking for their direction in the next phase of existence. Although being killed by a massive arachnid that somehow broke into the inner buildings of a large complex without being noticed on the way had not been his picture of how he’d die, such was life, or rather death, and here he was.

“Heya,” he heard a voice say off to his left. Turning, he watched as a lean, fair-skinned, dark-haired young man approached.

“I’m Aebel, and we have some mutual friends,” he stated, a friendly tone to his voice.

“Torvald. You mean the Shadowslayers?”

“Yep – I was squeezed to death by a massive golem that looked like a self-propelled blob of puke with multiple limbs. How about you?”

“Stung by a massive spider with multiple limbs. Odd coincidence, right?”

Their conversation was interrupted by a sound from behind – a rushing wind sound was accompanied by a swirling light, and shadowy figures moving toward them.

“Crap!” shouted Aebel. “They’re coming for you – get moving or they’ll bring you back!”

Torvald had heard the stories and knew what this meant: his companions, or possibly someone else, was trying to drag him back to the land of the living. As he quickly processed the situation, the sylph spoke again.

“Dude! I’ve got girls and pie! Run!!” the other man shouted as he turned and began to sprint away.

The elf considered his situation: an inn full of obnoxious humans and one particularly odious halfling, or girls and pie.

He started running.


Yeah! Wait, what??

In the hereafter

“C’mon! They can’t get us if we go a little farther!” Aebel shouted over his shoulder as the two men ran from the growing whirlwind.

Torvald dug down deep, calling on every ounce of strength and speed to spur on his legs. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but he just felt that he could trust Aebel. He seemed to be a man who knew his pie.

In the hereafter

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