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Situation Report: Cardinal Fang in Ravengro

Unto the Reverend Father Benedict Hidalgo Preston III,

Inquisitor Johann de ‘Odranto sends this report in keeping the Order in update with the occurrences in the wake of the death of one Petros Lorrimor, friend and mentor to this Inquisitor. This Inquisitor is not surprised by the state of Ravengro, the populace are especially suspicious of outsiders possibly more than other Ustalavians. The subject Petros Lorrimor was seen as a dabbler of the Necromantic way due to his research into Harrowstone, in fact his findings had found treacherous acts by the Whispering Way having to do with the spirits of Harrowstone. Unfortunately, he was sent to the Boneyard for his work, and in return the populace of Ravengro think him a Necromancer. A group of thugs harassed this Inquisitor and his recent companions at the burial, resorting to violence to quell the disfavor. None were killed, and healing was administered.
Upon reading the Will of the subject Petros Lorrimor, this Inquisitor and his companions ( Aramond Lunarath, Aebel Zanduri, Riplonn Thorlandroch) were asked to stay to help protect the Lorrimor Daughter, one Kendra Lorrimor. Of which this Inquisitor and his companions have agreed to do so, especially after reading Petros Lorrimor’s last Journal entry detailing the involvement of the Whispering Way in some bewitching at the Harrowstone Prison.
Suspicion occurrence details garnered through research and investigation:

  • Shadowy figured being seen in the night
  • Unusual lights and sounds coming from the burned out Harrowstone Prison
  • Apparent death of one Petros Lorrimor with subject’s head being crushed by a gargoyle from atop the building
    Suspicious activity witnessed by this Inquisitor:
  • Strange letters painted in animal blood on Harrowstone monument in the night (so far Day 1: V, Day 3: E) this Inqusitor’s companions think it may be an attempt to spell out the dead Warden’s late Wife Vessoriana Hawkran also killed in the fire
  • Upon investigating the Graveyard, this Inquisitor and his companions found skeletons and zombies coming up from the grave (these were dispatched and the local Father Grimbarrow was advised of our actions)

Make a record for these, and note them under research by this Inquisitor at this time.

Necessary actions, replenish the tools in false tomb in the Restlands at the crossroads of Eversleep and the Black Path, these were taken as the intention is to clear the Harrowstone.
Concerns: Unknown what the Whispering Way is scheming to do beyond the Harrowstone, will report as more clues emerge. This Inquisitor will be in the field for at least 30 more days.

In Service to Pharasma,
Brother Bernardo Giovanni Alphonse Giuseppe Vincenzo Johann Grimaldi Maneretti de Odranto


Hildago mulled over the letter for sometime. What secret plans were being laid that the Order could not scry. The Whispering Way’s recent activity left more questions than answers. The undeath seemed a side effect to what ritual was performed. The fact of creeping doom leaking trough spelt Ravengro’s demise. It was good to know Johann was not alone in his endeavor. Perhaps his new found companions would join their cause. Now was not the time to lul. The letter was nearly a week old. He could not wait. He look forward to understanding more. “Celest,” he called for. A cloaked woman dressed in blue approached. “The Order needs your services…”


Harrowstone report
Unto the Reverend Father Benedict Hidalgo Preston III,

Inquisitor Johann de ‘Odranto sends this report in keeping the Order in update on the situation of the Harrowstone Prison. Upon further investigation, this Inquisitor and his companions made an early trip to the prison grounds to find out more information. The prison’s wall was mostly intact, however, a sink hole, or lake had developed on the East side of the prison, in which was found to be four skeletons that rose from the water but were dispatched quickly. This Inquisitor and his four companions then made their way around to the gate. The first to enter was one Aramond Lunarath, immediately he was set upon with visions of being immersed in fire. We all stood in wait, providing encouraging words, and after several moments he was himself again and had sight of his divine once again. He did explain that beyond the gate the whole grounds had an evil permeating from it. Companion Aebel Zanduri confirmed the presence of necromantic dweomers throughout. The exterior did not prove to be more than a foreboding presence of evil, and some rats in the Northwestern tower.
Upon reaching the front door, a heavy presence of evil and necromantic magic was detected within. With caution, the doors were opened, and removed from their hinges to prevent any impedence if a hasty retreat were in order. The first door provided an interesting scenario. Our stalwart companion Riplonn Thorlandroch, hammered the door in an attempt to knock it off of it’s hinges. But the door would not be damaged for long, as it actually healed it’s own damage. Even when Aebel rained arcane power down on it, intended to damage undead. Finally, after mustering enough courage, the door was opened, and offered a long hallway with some office looking areas, and a curve at the end. Within moments, the door slammed shut. This Inquisitor and his companions would not be deterred, carrying the heavy oak door from the entryway, and blocking the path so the door would not close. Horrible visions of fire appeared beyond the portal, and all appeared to hear screams, smell burning flesh, then a strange vision of a floating apparition with a hangman’s noose hanging loosely came floating up from the hallway. It is important to note that this Inquisitor had maintained a vigilance of prayers to Pharasma, requesting her protection and resistance to the foul presence. Shortly after it began, it ended. Leaving only the animated door, slamming dumbly into the oak door stopper. The offices presented hastily taken notes, stating that five of the prisoners contained had started the breakout attempt.
•Father Charleton
•The Lopper
•The Mosswater Marauder
•The Piper of Illmarsh
•The Splatterman
Twilight would be soon upon us, and this Inquisitor and his companions chose to return to Ravengro to rest and start anew in the morn. A startling discovery was found on the foundation of the prison, that actually wrapped the whole exterior. Written in blood over and over, a name was spelled out in the Varisian tongue, the name Hawkran. Important to note, the words emanated auras of both necromancy and abjuration.

Exiting the gate to the prison, this Inquistor and his companions heard the distinct sound of wagon wheels, and saw ruts forming in the moist earth of the road seeming to make its way to Ravengro. Without another thought, Aebel fired an arcane wave of disruption that caused the apparition or whatever it was to disappear.

Ravengro was coming into view, and the scene that opened before the four companions was curious indeed. Upon first inspection, a group of little girls, the family of the local general store, were playing hopscotch and singing in Varisian the following rhyme:

“Put her body on the bed.
Take a knife and lop her head.
Watch the blood come out the pipe.
Feeds the stirge, so nice and ripe.
Drops of red so sparkly bright.
Splatters spell her name just right.
With a hammer killed his wife.
Now he wants to claim your life.
Tricksy father tells a lie.
Listen close or you will die.”

This, and what happened next truly points to the state that Ravengro has been driven, wandered, forced… is in. Splitting into to two groups to ask questions of the locals, the locals shared that warrants for their arrest had been issued by the City Council. Meeting in the center of town, the four companions determined how they would fight for their innocence. A Deputy could be heard running toward them shouting for something, and as he neared, he stumbled breathlessly through that the Restlands, the Ravengro Boneyard, was coming alive. Dead were climbing out of their graves.

This Inquisitor and his companions made quick route to the boneyard, rushing into the fray to assist what was left of one Sheriff Benjan Caeller and two of his Deputies. During the fight, as many as ten undead were sent to Pharasma, one in particular was a black floating horror that with every successful hit could suck the intelligence out of a being.

Questions that remain:
- It appears that the Whisering Way has a plan. For 50 years Ravengro was a calm community, why go to all of this effort? What is their ultimate scheme?
- What part, if any, do the five prisoners play in the Whispering Way’s scheme?
- Why Harrowstone? Why Ravengro? Was it because it was remote? How does it play into all of this?
- Why is the Ustalavian suspicion turned the Ravengro locals into tin hat wearing rumormongers, looking at every turn like there it is a new conspiracy theory?
- Subject Aramond Lunarath: Why would a Paladin of Iomadae succumb so easily to the horrific visions, yet one of no faith be untouched? Curiosity, will have to explore the depth of this one’s loyalty to his deity, and discuss conversion to the true Pharasma.
- Subject Riplonn Thorlandroch: For someone with the faculty of intelligent speech be so tight lipped? He is not observed to be a drooling idiot (most of the time).
- Subject Aebel Zanduri: This individual appears to have a faithful devotion to the Everbloom, and suspicions by this Inquisitor have been closed on this subject.

Much more will be learned as this Inquisitor and his companions return to the Harrowstone on the morrow.

In Service to Pharasma,
Brother Bernardo Giovanni Alphonse Giuseppe Vincenzo Johann Grimaldi Maneretti de Odranto


“Better to remain quiet and be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and erase all doubt”


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